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The Rebels

The LLO Student Leaders are the commanding rebels of the Longhorn Lights Out event. The LLO initiative was funded from the Office of Sustainability Green Fee Program and supported by the Energy and Water Conservation Program at The University of Texas at Austin.

Brianna Duran

Student Advisor

Brianna Duran provides staff support for the Longhorn Lights Out team. As the Campus Environmental Center (CEC) Coordinator, she also supports the CEC student org and the Office of Sustainability’s Green Offices and Green Labs programs. She is passionate about helping students find ways to make UT community more sustainable.

Jabba the Matt

Energy Bounty Hunter

Jabba the Matt spends his time recruiting Jedis to participate in Longhorn Lights Out battles. When not working the Lights Out force, you might find him at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine or singing with Ewoks.

Allie Lee


Allie Lee is fourth-year biochemistry major pursuing Bridging Discipline Certificate in Environment and Sustainability and Business Foundation Certificate. She is very excited to be president of Longhorn Lights Out Student Chapter this semester. She is very passionate about sustainability and environmental issues. Allie is involved in Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Liberty in North Korea, and ALDPES. She worked as an LLO intern in 2015 and now works as an intern at Resource Recovery Program Reuse store. She is originally from Busan, South Korea, but she lived in Keller, TX for six years before college. As her hobbies, she enjoys horror including movies, radio, and games on YouTube by herself. Fun fact: She has a hypermobility syndrome on her left thumb.

Jennifer Southerland


Jennifer is a senior History major with a minor in linguistics. She first started participating in Longhorn Lights Out as a freshmen volunteer. She enjoyed the event and helping the environment so much that she decided to keep attending others. She volunteered with the organization until deciding to become a member by running for an officer position. Jennifer is very excited to be the Vice President this year.

Allen Thai

Fundraising Chair/Treasurer

Allen Thai is a second-year mechanical engineering major from Houston who is very excited to be the Fundraising Chair/Treasurer for LLO. He is also involved in Engineers for a Sustainable World, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and works as a Research Assistant on the Innovation Station 3D Printer. He believes that simple tasks, such as turning off lights, can have a great impact on the environment, and that we all can help conserve the world's energy one light switch at a time. Outside of school, he enjoys binge watching all the shows, eating all the foods, and perfecting all the new dance crazes.

Anh Tran

Marketing Coordinator

Hi, I'm Anh Tran, a second year electrical engineering major and this year's marketing officer. I'm super excited to be a part of LLO because our planet is dying and every little bit of help counts towards saving it!

Bryan Mai

Membership Coordinator

Hi, my name is Bryan Mai and I am a third-year biology/Pre-med major and I am going to be the incoming membership coordinator for Longhorn Lights Out. I am a Houston native and I love to explore new places and try new things. I'm super excited to joining the team and doing my part to save the world!

Rafael Ibanez

Webmaster/Data Analyst

Ralph is a third-year Electrical Engineering Major and Business Foundations Certificate Candidate. He is currently involved, in addition to LLO, with SHPE, IEEE, and the University Leadership Network. He's also currently working as the Digital Repository Assistant for the University of Texas Libraries. Ralph's role with the LLO is to analyze and quantify the success of our efforts in terms of how much energy we conserved throughout our events. He is also in charge of maintaining the LLO website and handling the technical dark side of things.

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