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Join Longhorn Lights Out - Friday, April 28th!

You really can make a difference … and win prizes!

Last month, you were able to conserve a total of 2177 kWh – equivalent to 1.9 months of electricity use of an average Texas home. Thank you for contributing!

Let's keep the momentum going ... This is the last Longhorn Lights Outs of the academic and fiscal year ... let's make it the best! Help The University of Texas at Austin conserve energy by turning off lights and electronic devices around your office, lab, and building when you leave for the day today, April 28th. Remember, you can earn some fun stuff at the same time!

Here's how you can participate:

STEP 1: Friday, April 28th , turn off as many lights and electronic devices as you can.

STEP 2: Complete your log here, o we can tabulate results and award prizes. Fifty people who submit logs will be randomly selected to receive a cool Longhorn Lights Out t-shirt (limited to one per staff/faculty member). Also, one lucky person will be selected at random to receive a Longhorn-themed home pack that includes a Longhorn pillow and a Longhorn lamp.

If you have any questions about Longhorn Lights Out or Campus Lights Out, contact the Energy Stewards.

For more information on saving energy, follow us on Twitter!

Have a question? Email an Energy Steward!