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Join Longhorn Lights Out This Semester!

UT Students!!! Interested in
sustainability? Energy conservation? Helping reduce UT's energy use? Meeting others with similar sustainability-focused interests? Want free food and an awesome t-shirt? We invite you to join us on Friday, April 26 for our LAST event of the SPRING SEMESTER! Longhorn Lights Out begins at 6:00 pm - come on time, and be prepared to have fun and save energy on our campus!

What impact has LLO had so far? Since LLO first began in the Spring of 2013, we have held 36 student events, with a total of 169,931 kWh of savings. In total, over 5.060 volunteers participated, and turned off over 101,537 lights, while going to an average of 15 buildings per event!

What will you do? During the event we will go over the LLO program and some safety rules, then split into teams, and go to as many campus buildings as we can, to turn off lights, electronics, projectors, and other energy-using devices that otherwise would be left on all weekend. Then we'll gather back together and enjoy food, and time to get to know one-another.

How do I sign up?

(1) Register for our event on April 26 held in RLP 0.128.

(2) On the day of Longhorn Lights Out, come to RLP at 6:00 pm! Wear your t-shirt if you have one from previous events! Bring your friends! (Don't worry we'll send you a reminder email too)

(3) If you have not signed up for our list serve already, please subscribe here!

Cant make it but still interested in helping out? Email us!

If you have not signed up for our list serve already, please subscribe here!

Have a question? Email the Longhorn Lights Out Student Group!